Bríd Keenan (Director)

Photograph of Brid Keenan Director GCB

Brid Keenan Director Gestalt Centre Belfast

Brid Keenan is a Gestalt psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer and a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, working with the impact of trauma on individuals, families and communities.


Mobile: 0797 468 3509

Professional Memberships

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy     MBACP (accred.)
European Association for Gestalt Psychotherapy     (EAGT)
Member Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute      (SETI Practitioner)
Gestalt International Study Centre      (GISC) member


About Bríd Keenan

Bríd with Joëlle Gartner, is a co-founder and director the Gestalt Centre Belfast. Her practice includes all ages, couples and groups as well as training and supervision.

Following almost 20 years in education, Bríd began working as a therapist in 1994, the year of the IRA ceasefire. Peacebuilding is strongly present in her professional and personal life. Transgnerational trauma and the community experience of terrible events is of particular interest. Bríd works with organisations providing support to those impacted by the conflict.

In 2005, Bríd completed training in Somatic Experiencing (SE) -a body-awareness approach to trauma developed by Dr Peter Levine. This specialist training has deepened her understanding and practice of Gestalt. She been assisting at SE trainings since 2006 and is currently part of the assisting team and supervises on the Irish training taught by Steve Hoskinson.

Bríd established Ireland SE – a not-for-profit organization in 2012 and isa director and  training co-ordinator. The first training began in March 2013 in Ireland.

In 2012, to further an understanding of transgenerational trauma, Bríd began further training in the Neuro Affective Relational Model (NARM) training programme with Dr. Laurence Heller. This focuses on the origins and impacts of early developmental trauma as an embodied relational experience. She is currently assisting on a NARM programme in Denmark.

She has co-authored a number of resources which consider therapeutic practice in this context, has presented papers at international conferences and taught in Ireland and Europe in relation to Gestalt work with trauma.

Bríd is also works with community-based organisations using Gestalt in the context of large and small systems and group process. This work has been supported since 1995 by Dr. Seán Gaffney who provides training and supervision to a group of Gestalt practitioners in Belfast.

She has a daughter and son and lives with her partner in her native city of Belfast.


Professional Education

  • Cape Cod Training programme – Working with organisations couples and families (2009-2010) Gestalt International Study Centre
  • Certificate in Somatic Experiencing (Professional Training Program) (2003-5)
  • Foundation for Human Enrichment (now the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy (equivalent) (2000) Gestalt Centre London&The Metropolitan University of London
  • MA Gestalt Psychotherapy(year 1) Module 4.1 4.2 (2001-2003) Gestalt Centre London & The Metropolitan University of London
  • MA Education (1981-83) Institute of Education (University of London)


  • Group supervision and training in Gestalt group and Organisational Development with Seán Gaffney (1995 ongoing) Advanced professional training
  • Post qualifying assistantships with the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute (2005 ongoing)
  • Post qualifiying assistantship in Neuro Affect Relational Model with Dr Laurence Heller (2013 ongoing)

Continuing Professional Development

Embodied Psychotherapy

  • 2009-10     Body Process in Psychotherapy a Workshop with Jim Kepner
  • 2009-10    Voice, Breath and Body Process with Susan Gregory,
  • 2010         A developmental model of addiction and recovery with Michael Clemmens
  • 2009        Embodied Awareness in Psychotherapy with Michael Clemmens
  • 2010         Dance and Gestalt. Anna Halprin’s Life/Art Process  with Ulla Schorn

Trauma and Development

  • 2010     NeuroAffective Relational Model ® (NARM), workshop for Assistants Dr Laurence Heller –
  • 2012     Children and trauma Workshop with Alé Duarte
  • 2006     Character Structures Dr Laurence Heller
  • 2006     Family Constellations with Franz Ruppert and Vivienne Broughton
  • 2004     Political Constellations withBert Hellinger (Wurtzburg)

Training and Supervision

  • 1995      Group supervision and training in Gestalt group and Organisational Development with Seán Gaffney Advanced professional training.
  • 2011      Finding Your Developmental Edge Seán Gaffney PhD
  • 2010/11     Gestalt International Study Center’s Cape Cod Training Program – Creating Change Through Positive Micro-interventions
  • 2010      Supervision of Sexual Minority Therapy- Pink Therapy Dominic Davies
  • 2009      Working with Difference Gestalt Institute Carl Hodges New York

Working with Groups and Conflict

  • 2001&8     Working with the Oppressor and Oppressed & Difficult Conversations Philip Lichtenberg
  • 2007      Bud Feder New York Gestalt Institute Working in groups


Workhops at EAGT & AAGT Conferences Gonzague Mescalier, Dieter Bongers, Ruella Frank, Dan Bloom, Michael Clemmens, Ulla Schorn, Marguerita Spanolo Lobb