GCB Associate Members

1. Criteria

  • Adhere to the  Ethos of GCB
  • Fully qualified and accredited practitioner(Psychotherapist, counselor, coach, supervisor, trainer, organizational consultant, group facilitator.) with Gestalt as sole or main approach
  • Full accredited member of recognized professional organization – national or international (BACP, IACP, UKCP, IHIP, PTUK, NIGAT, COSCA EAGT, EAP. If not listed, check with GCB.) and committed to maintaining their accreditation
  • Pay annual associate membership fee to GCB (see below)
  • Attendance at annual meetings (including electronic attendance)

2. Benefits of Associate Membership

  • Be part of an organisation which applies and promotes gestalt practice and theory on a local, national and international level.
  • Access to a wide range of internationally recognized gestalt practitioners
  • Associate Member discount on all GCB organised events, see our Past Events and future Professional Development Events 
  • A free personal page in the “GCB People” section of the GCB website.
  • Access to gestalt peer support events eg reading, peer supervision etc.
  • May input on advisory basis in developing strategy and future direction of the organization
  • May use the GCB logo for projects under certain circumstances (see below).

3. Associate Membership Annual Fee

£ 35 made payable to ‘The Gestalt Centre Belfast C.I.C.’

4. Use of the GCB logo for events

Associate Members who wish to use the GCB logo for one of their projects (workshop, research, etc) must present the project outline to the Board sufficiently in advance of the event, operate within GCB Equality Policy and Ethical Framework, and share with GCB some outline of the project and its outcome for possible publication on GCB’s website.

5. GCB sponsored events

Events sponsored by GCB must abide by the ethos and meet the professional standards and development priorities of GCB. In particular:

Facilitators / trainers must be current Associate Members of GCB;

The event fits with one or more of the aims of GCB, presently:

  • Developing an embodied gestalt practice;
  • Developing an understanding and practice of gestalt applied to the political, economic and social context, a society emerging from conflict and a colonial history, with high levels of endemic inequality and of conflict-related trauma including trans-generational
  • Developing the use of groups for social learning using a gestalt framework;
  • Developing competence to intervene in small and large groups, organisations and society.

6. Termination of Membership

GCB reserves the right to withdraw Associate Membership from any associate member found to have unethical or unfair practice (as defined by their professional code of ethics and GCB’s Equality Policy).

7.  Application

To apply to become an Associate of GCB please download the application form

Friends of GCB

Those wishing to support GCB are eligible for this category, if they:

  • Adhere to the Ethos of GCB
  • Have an interest in the development of Gestalt practice
  • Are willing to lend their advice and support
  • Are willing to lend their name to the promotion of the Centre.

Get in touch via our Contact Us page to become a “Friend of GCB”

Trainee Membership

Anyone attending a GCB course will have Trainee Membership of GCB for the duration of their course.  Any fee associated with Trainee Membership will be included in the course fee.