Sean Gaffney (Associate)

Photograph of Sean Gaffney PhD - An Associate of Gestalt Centre Belfast

Sean Gaffney PhD


email:   he can be contacted via his Personal Website 
Telephone:   +46-(0)8 85 76 36




  • Born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1942 and Irish by birth, culture and conviction. Lived in England on and off for some six years. Moved to Sweden with my then Swedish wife in 1975, and a resident of Sweden since then. 
  • Based in Stocksundstorp, Stockholm and Hassön, Sörmland, both in Sweden.

Personal Statement

Learning – others’ and my own – is what interests and inspires me. Learning is what surprises us as our existing knowledge becomes old and is replaced, or is refined and changes into something new. To learn is to change; to change is to learn, including what we learn about how available learning is to us.

My philosophical and methodological approach comes from Gestalt therapy and its many applications, in pedagogics, organizations and society. The common thread here is an holistic approach which encourages always taking the context of our behaviours into account. Exploring the whole gives meaning to the parts – including ourselves as parts of that whole. I like to work with exploring context in order to better understand how everything is connected.

To summarise: I work to create access to learning. What the client – an individual, group or organization – then does is their choice and their business.


Groups are my passion, both practically and theoretically. My Ph.D is an exploration of both approaches. Work groups, management groups, personal and/or professional development groups, social groups and community groups – groups in every shape, form and purpose. I can offer consultancy, facilitation and training in a group setting. My approach to groups is to combine the functional and relational aspects so that this combination of aspects can provide the group concerned with new choices.

Gestalt therapy and Supervision

I work as an individual therapist as well as supervisor for therapists, consultants and trainers/teachers. (See also under “Training Programmes” for group supervision).


This is based on my own management experience in both the business and academic worlds combined with my established international work as management trainer and organizational consultant. As a therapist, I am well acquainted with the distinctions between the personal and the professional and the ethical need to stay within the contracted area should this be management coaching.


Personal Consultation

This is an intentional and negotiable combination of therapy, management coaching and organizational consultancy. The client chooses the area of life that we will work on, and is open to moving freely between the personal and the professional.




His personal website has an extensive  list of publications