GCB Training

GCB offers three courses:

Gestalt Therapy Foundation

This course will introduce the basic concepts of Gestalt Therapy Theory through participation in an open-ended, process group. Each class will consist of an extended group work session led by the trainer, followed after a short break by theoretical considerations of the group’s experience in the light of Gestalt Therapy Theory concepts.

The skills it imparts include: self-awareness, immediacy, clear communication, the ability to give and receive authentic feedback, increased awareness of group process.

This course will form Year One of the Gestalt Therapy Diploma. … more details

Gestalt Practitioner Certificate

The programme is for those who wish to extend their professional skills by learning about and applying a Gestalt framework to their work. It is a post-qualifying course lasting two years … more details


Certificate in Clinical Supervision

 Working At One Remove?

The training aims to develop clinical supervision competence for those practitioners who are starting to work in that area. It will support the accrediting process of practitioners with their respective professional organisations. The approach highlights the supervisor’s work with the supervisee’s client ‘at one remove’, i.e. by maintaining the client’s presence in the room at all times, and fully accepting the ethical responsibility for the client’s well-being at all times.

This is an eighteen month programme. … more details