Certificate in Gestalt Supervision

Working At One Remove

The training aims to highlight the supervisor’s work with the supervisee’s client ‘at one remove’, i.e. by maintaining the client’s presence in the room at all times, and fully accepting the ethical responsibility for the client’s well-being at all times.

This is the second certificate programme.

Details of the training

This is an eighteen month programme.  The starting date is Friday 20th January 2017.

Year One:  Consists of ten tutor-led workshops. Each one starts with a session on a Friday at 5:00pm and runs all day on the Saturday finishing at 5:30pm.

Year Two:  Consists of six 3-hour sessions of supervision skills practice in small tutorial groups.   In addition there will be a writing workshop to prepare for the written component of the course.

Faculty:   Dr Séan Gaffney, Bríd Keenan, Joëlle Gartner and Marie Quiery

Dates: This Course will start on  Friday 20th January 2017.

(Please disregard any mention of the course starting on an earlier date.)

Applying for the Course

(NB: The course Outline PDF file and application forms were updated on:  Tuesday 11th October 2016.)

The course outline is available as a PDF file.

The application form  can be downloaded as:

  • a PDF file that can be printed for completion in pen-and-ink; or
  • a word processing format file formatted for:

Please send questions about the course  via our contact us page or email us at .