Useful Gestalt-Related links


Articles on Gestalt

  1. Gestalt News and Notes a publication of the Gestalt Journal
  2. Gestalt Network and its discussion forums 
  3. A set of articles on Gestalt sorted by topics.  (Link is broken: the site has been down for some time.)
  4. Collections of articles on the Manchester Gestalt Centre websites:
    1. Short articles on Gestalt related topics:
    2. Longer articles on Gestalt related topics:  including:  An Introduction to Gestalt
    3. Older articles: in particular  “A Map of Gestalt
  5. An introduction to gestalt concepts offered by Gainesville Gestalt Center
  6. What is Gestalt?
  7. Gestalt Psychology and Gestalt Therapy”  by Mary Henle first published in the Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences 14, pp 23-32, 
  8.  “What do Gestalt therapy and Gestalt theory have to do with each other?”  by Hans-Jürgen P. Walter,  originally published in German in Gestalt Theory 6, No. 1, 1984, 55-69; slightly revised for the translation. This English version was first published in The Gestalt Journal, Vol. XXII, No. 1, pp 45-68.
  9. Introduction to Gestalt Therapy  on the Wikipedia website.
  10. Gestalt Therapy: An Introduction by Gary Yontef,Ph.D.
  11. An interview with Alan Cohen – Clinical Director of Gestalt Associates (New York) –  introducing Gestalt.
  12. Prefaces to Perls, Hefferline and Goodman

Gestalt Bibliographies and Book Lists

  1. Bibliography at Gainesville Gestalt Center:
  2. Pacific Gestalt Institute’s Staff Bibliography: 
  3. GestaltPress Booklist at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland
  4. The Gestalt Journal Press Booklist:  Page 1:  Page 1:
  5. The Gestalt Journal Press eBooks:
  6. Gestalt Theory: Society for Gestalt Theory and its Applications (GTA) – Bibliography
  7. An extensive  Gestalt Therapy Bibliography compiled by Stephanie Sabar.
  8. Suggested Reading List at the New York Institute of Gestalt.


Gestalt Websites

  1. Gestalt Therapy Pag
  2. The Gestalt Therapy Network  
  3. V. Daniel’s Gestalt Site at Sanoma University  
  4. A network for Gestalt Therapy